Ava’s Nursery!

We’ve had such a great weekend spending time with Adam’s dad and his brother Jamie, who drove down from the GTA to visit. Last night I made everyone a great chicken dinner (stuffed with spinach, asparagus and feta. Yum!) and then we watched the hockey game. This morning Adam’s father made us a traditional Scottish fry while we took Ava to swim class, and now we’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon watching football. Sunday’s are all about food and football in this house!

But the real blessing this weekend was finally achieving success with Ava’s sleep training. Last night marked the 3rd night in a row that Ava slept in her crib, and the 2nd night sleeping straight through til morning! It’s strange, I feel like I’ve had a harder time adjusting than she has. The first night I was up every hour, watching the monitor, waiting for movement so I knew she was still okay. Gladly it’s gotten easier since then. As much as I’m missing the snuggles, I’m actually starting to feel less like a zombie and more like a human!

I don’t want to jinx the progress we’ve made, so I’m trying not to get too excited. But it’s been a good weekend. The real cherry on top being our brand new king sized mattress that arrived just last week. Probably the best investment we’ve ever made. It’s like one step away from having your own bed but still having the option of a good cuddle.. If you don’t mind rolling over a few times to get there.

But now that Ava is finally in her own room, I’m going to try and finish decorating within then next couple weeks. I have a few small DIY projects I’m going to start, which I will eventually be posting on the blog along with tutorials.

There’s a fur rug that’s missing from this photo. Brutus got into some trash I was about to take out so we had to bring it to the cleaners..
This is the most comfortable rocking chair ever from Babies R Us! And it’s so wide! I can just see Ava and I sitting down side by side for story time when she gets a little older. Now all we need is an ottoman & a side table.
To save space we just went with a change pad on top of her dresser in lieu of a change table. And of course, we couldn’t live without our Diaper Genie!
I found this really cute basket at Marshall’s, along with a matching hamper & it really goes well with the paint colour on Ava’s walls. It’s great for holding her diapers, wipes, lotions etc. The figurine was actually mine from when I was a little girl. It even plays music.
This photo was also mine from childhood. It used to hang over my bed!


I love that we got her a convertible crib! Once she grows out of it, we’re able to turn it into both a toddler and double bed. You can find it here.
We did finger prints instead of a traditional guestbook at my baby shower. It still needs to be sealed and framed, but I love how it turned out! Thanks again to Jane Godfrey from Adrenaline Toronto for the artwork.
Thanks to my aunt and uncle for gifting Ava this amazing monogrammed blanket!

I have so many ideas, but I gotta say her nursery has really come a long way from where it started! Stay tuned for progress pics on future posts!



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