Ipsy: May Glam Bag!

Amidst the chaos that is my life, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to post a review on last month’s Glam Bag. I was however, thoroughly impressed with all of the products.

That being said, I just received this month’s bag in the mail and I’m already so happy with the items that were selected for me.


Here’s a look at this month’s haul:


Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lavender Moisture Rich Balm, .15oz, $10 Value

Ok.. So I’m a HUGE fan of lip balm and this is by far one of the best ones I have ever tried. Not only are these made of 100% all natural ingredients; they’re free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic, eco-friendly and baby-safe.

The formula goes on so incredibly smooth and leaves my lips feeling hydrated, not greasy whatsoever. I really love the scent of lavender so for me that’s an added bonus although they do also come in Juicy Strawberry, Royal Chocolate, Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Harvest. I’m probably going to have to grab them all, maybe 2 of the Pumpkin Spice because I’m just a basic white girl.


NoTS 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser – .67oz, Value $6

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Korean skincare for a while now, so I was really looking forward to trying this product. Considering I’m still struggling with acne at 27 years old, I’m willing to try anything that claims to potentially help or eradicate the problem.

This product promises to effectively eliminate makeup and impurities without causing any skin problems, even for acne-prone skin. Its color, fragrance and alcohol free formula helps to leave skin feeling comfortably conditioned and velvety smooth while restoring a bright skin tone and aiding to maintain the optimal oil-water balance.

I’ve only had a chance to use it twice thus far, but I do like it. The cleanser itself has sort of a milky lotion consistency, and an almost soapy(?) scent. Nothing too spectacular in that regard, but I don’t really care if my face smells like peaches as long as it does the job. It foams rather well and left my skin feeling and looking clean. You do however want to use a toner and lotion afterwards because it does leave your skin feeling a bit tight.

The only complaint I have, is that being from Korea, it’s kind of hard to get your hands on. You can find it on Amazon, but only the American site. Luckily you can also find it on q-Depot which ships worldwide, however I’m not sure what the cost would be.



Smashbox X-Rated Mascara, .10 fl oz, Value $7.50

I love Smashbox and I’m loving this mascara. Now, Maybelline Great Lash will always be my number one and I don’t know if I would ever spend the $22 for a full tube of this stuff(probably not. I’m cheap), but it did work really well for me. After two layers, it gives me long, pretty lashes that are well defined and not clumpy. The little combs on the brush make it easy to apply evenly. It does provide me with a bit of volume, but not an excessive amount, so my lashes still look natural. I’m sure if you wanted to create some added drama, you could always use a primer underneath.

In addition to that, it doesn’t flake (just a tiny, tiny bit after a really long day, but that is easily removed) or smudge. I used it at the gym and no smudging!

Overall it’s a good product if you’re looking for something high end, but I still prefer my Great Lash.


Slmissglam Small Contour W07 Brush, Value (approx.) $16

I love love love this brush. Coincidentally, I was in the market for a contour brush as my old one had just recently kicked the bucket. I can not tell you enough how happy I am to have been introduced to this brand. This product is impressive. It’s the perfect size to contour cheeks, temples, and forehead. Not only is it super soft and fluffy, but it’s of substantial quality.

My ONLY complaint is that this brush can’t be purchased on it’s own, and is only part of the White Glam Brush Book which has a price tag of $325. To be perfectly honest, the quality and durability of these brushes alone are enough to make it a worth while investment if you don’t mind shelling out the cash. Otherwise, I would suggest looking into the Morphe 30 piece Master Studio set which is about half the cost.



Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in Safety Orange, 5.1 g, Value $8.99

The formula of this nail polish isn’t bad. It dries fast and hasn’t chipped at all in the 2 days I’ve been wearing it. You do need to make sure you wear a top coat though because after 2 coats, it still dries a little matte.

The colour is definitely something new for me and to be honest, I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m not a huge fan of anything bright, let alone neon, but I can see it being a cute shade for summer weather. I would have liked it a lot better had I received the polish in a more neutral colour.


Verdict: This month’s bag is valued at almost $50! With the exception of the nail polish, I’m pretty happy with all my products! Can’t wait for next month!





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