8 Months Later.

So this morning I woke up wondering what the hell happened to these last 8 months, and if the next 8 years are going to fly by just as quickly. But if this whirlwind has been indicative of anything, I already have my answer.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, today marks 8 months since Ava’s great escape. The longest, yet shortest 8 months I have ever experienced. I have spoken candidly, and quite unapologetically, regarding my distaste for the first 4 of those months in particular. I’ve had my good days, my bad days, my never-ending days. I’ve surmounted the Baby Blues, sleep deprivation, and the Kung Fu death grip of a (now reformed) Stage 5 clinger; to emerge with a fucking kick ass kid-in-training and a moderate caffeine dependency.

So in honour of yet another milestone, this afternoon Offspring and I took our traditional celebratory photos. Ain’t she a peach?

8 months - 2   8 months


In other news, over the next month we will be moving into our new home (and Ava’s 3rd dwelling thus far). Suffice it to say a majority of our time and energy has been spent prepping for that, which largely contributed to my month long hiatus. But how exciting is it to finally begin writing this new chapter of our story? I’m particularly looking forward to getting my Pinterest Mom on and posting a few new DIY tutorials for you guys.
Nothing screams creative catharsis like a little reclaimed wood and a (sub)urban jungle.

What kind of tutorials would you like to see? Leave a comment below!






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